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Other artists

Bernd Damke


1939born in Gräfendorf
1945Moving to Oldenburg
1959-1963Studies of Art education at the Berlin University of Fine Arts, with Prof. Fred Thieler and Prof. Mac Zimmermann
1968Co-Founder of the artist group „B1“ in Ruhr area
1969Member of the Association of West German Artists and the Association of German Artists
1969-1973Co-Founder of the System Design Planning Group for Visual Guidance Systems
1972-2004Professorship for Design at Münster University of Applied Sciences
1979Visiting professorship at the Faculty of Applied Arts of the Helwan University, Cairo
1988Member of the New Darmstadt Secession
2008Visiting professorship am Higher Institute of Applied Arts, Madinat as-Sadis min Uktubar (Egypt)
2022died in Berlin

Awards and grants

1977Karl-Ernst Osthaus Prize of the City of Hagen
1973-1974Rome Prize of the German Academy Villa Massimo
1969Art Award Villa Romana, Florence
Art Award of the City of Gelsenkirchen