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Dieter Kraemer at the Stadtmuseum Langenfeld

Under the title “natura morta”, the exhibition at the Stadtmuseum Langenfeld presents still lifes and architectural paintings by the painter Dieter Kraemer in dialogue with Old Masters from his private collection. Kraemer mainly captures the things of everyday life on canvas. In doing so, he does not aim at a faithful depiction of reality, but creates a new pictorial reality of his own. A catalogue has been published to accompany the exhibition. (6 November 2022 – 5 February 2023)

Dieter Kraemer, Black Box, 2012

Volker Stelzmann in dialogue with Vilmos Perlrott-Csaba at Wittenberg Castle

In the DIALOGUE series, the Christian Art Foundation presents paintings and drawings by the painter and graphic artist Volker Stelzmann. The starting point for Stelzmann’s exhibition at Wittenberg Castle is a work by the Hungarian artist Vilmos Perlrott-Csaba (1880-1955), nine of whose lithographs are kept in the Foundation’s collection.
(8 October 2022 – 31 March 2023)

Volker Stelzmann, The Messengers VII (Matthias), 2018