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Gallery artists

Waldemar Grzimek


1918born in Rastenburg
1924Moving to West Berlin
1937Apprenticeship as a stonemason at the Philipp Holzmann company
1937-1941Studies of Sculpture at the Berlin University of Fine Arts
1941Master student with Prof. Wilhelm Gerstel
Conscription to military service in the navy
1945Return from Flensburg to Berlin
1946-1948Lectureship at the Burg Giebichenstein, Halle-Saale
1947Member of the community of artists “Die Fähre” in Halle-Saale
1948-1951Professorship for Plastic arts at the Berlin University of Fine Arts
1950Draft for Thälmann monument in Berlin
1952Study trip to the Soviet Union
1952-1957Working as a freelance sculptor in West Berlin
Member of the Association of Visual Artists in Germany
1954-1958Head of the Berlin District Association of the Association of Visual Artists in Germany
1956Public dispute about the Heine monument
1957-1961Professorship at the University of Fine and Applied Arts, Berlin-Weißensee
1961Full member of the Berlin Academy of Arts
Moving to Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance
1968Professorship at the Darmstadt University of Technology
1984died in Berlin

Awards and grants

1984Award of the Bremen Sculpture Prize
1981Award in the competition “Fountain at Wittenbergplatz (Berlin)”
1959Award of the National Prize of the GDR
1942-1943Rome Prize of the German Academy Villa Massimo
19311st and 2nd prize in the exhibition “Child and Dog”
1930Award at a Youth art competition of the Berlin Zoo