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Gallery artists

Peter Sorge


1937born in Berlin
1958-1964Studies of Art education at the Berlin University of Fine Arts
1964Master student with Prof. Mac Zimmermann and Prof. Fred Thieler
Co-Founder of the exhibition cooperation “Großgörschen 35”
1969Co-Founder of the Cooperative Art Distribution „zehn neun“
1972Co-Founder of the “Gruppe Aspekt” in West Berlin
since 1979Lectureship for Etching technique at the Senator for Education in Teacher Training
1980-1982Visiting professorship at the Braunschweig University of Art
since 1990Member at the Künstlersonderbund
2000died in Berlin

Awards and grants

1969Art Award for Graphic Arts of the City of Wolfsburg
19682nd Burda Art Prize for Graphics