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Genni / Jenny Wiegmann-Mucchi


1895born in Berlin
1917Studies at the Lewin-Funcke-Schule in Berlin, with August Kraus and Prof. Lovis Corinth
1919-1923Studies of Sculpture at the Charlottenburg School of Applied Arts and Crafts, with Hans Perathoner
1923-1924Stucco work in the St. Mary’s Chapel in Oerlinghausen
1924-1925Stay in Rome
1926Return to Berlin, Friendship with Ernesto de Fiori
1927-1928Travels to Spain and Italy
1931Working in Villeneuve-lès-Avignon (France)
1931-1933Stay and work in Paris, Moving to Milan
Marriage to the Italian architect and painter Gabriele Mucchi
1943-1945Freedom fighter in the Italian resistance against fascism
1950Member of the Italian Realist Group
1955-1956Teaching of Metal embossing at the Scuola Umanitaria, Milan
since 1956Alternating stay between Milan and Berlin
1969died in Berlin

Awards and grants

1937Gold medal at the World Exhibition in Paris