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Sarah Haffner


1940born in Cambridge, grew up in London
1954Moving to West Berlin
1956-1957Master School for Arts and Crafts, Berlin
1957-1960Studies of Painting at the Berlin University of Fine Arts, with Prof. Ernst Schumacher
1960Birth of the son David
1964six-month stay in Paris
1969-1970Lectureship for Colour at the Watford School of Art, London
1971-1981Lectureship for Play at the 1st State Professional School for Educators
1973Master student at the Berlin University of Fine Arts
1975-1976Author of a TV report and publisher of a book about the abuse of women
1976-1977six-month volunteer work at the 1st Berlin woman’s shelter
1980-1986Lectureship for Colour at the Berlin University of the Arts
2018died in Dresden