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Peter Herrmann


1937born in Großschönau
1951Apprenticeship as a Chemigraph in Dresden
1953Painting lessons at the Folk high school, with Jürgen Böttcher (Strawalde)
since 1971Working as a freelance painter, Member of the artist group “Lücke” in Dresden
1978Co-Founder of the Obergraben Press in Dresden
1984Leaving to Hamburg
1985Stay with A. R. Penck in London
1986Moving to West Berlin
1988-1989Travels to Algeria, France and Italy
1995Travel to Brazil
seit 1999Full Member of the Saxon Academy of the Arts

Peter Herrmann lives and works in Berlin.

Awards and grants

2001Fred-Thieler-Award for Painting
1999Scholarship from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation
1998Laureate of the Villa Romana, Florence
1987Working scholarship of the Senator for Cultural Affairs, Berlin