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Gallery artists

Eric Keller

Solo exhibitions (selection)

2022Galerie Leuenroth, Frankfurt am Main (with Kathrin Thiele)
2021Schaulager of the Galerie Poll, Berlin
2020Galerie Poll, Berlin
AG Galerie, Schwerin
2019plan.d., Düsseldorf (with Carolin Israel)
Galerie Stephanie Kelly, Dresden (with Katarína Dubovská)
2018Klippenstein Castle, Radeberg (with Michael Klipphahn)
Galerie Poll, Berlin
2017Galerie Leuenroth, Frankfurt am Main
Kunztraum Dresden (with Michael Klipphahn)
2015Albertinum of the Dresden State Art Collections, Dresden
galerie baer, Dresden
2014galerie baer, Dresden
2013Galerie Poll, Berlin (with Simon Rosenthal)
2012Dresden University of Fine Arts (with Carolin Israel)
Galerie Irrgang, Leipzig
2011Galerie Irrgang, Berlin (with Andreas Wachter)

Group exhibitions (selection)

2022Palais des Beaux Artes, Paris
2021Dresden Municipal Gallery
2020Art Exhibition Hall of the Sparkasse Leipzig
Tapetenwerk, Leipzig
2019Galerie Leuenroth, Frankfurt am Main
Galerie Holger John, Dresden
Galerie Irrgang, Leipzig
Halle 14, Leipzig Cotton Mill
Saxon State Representation, Berlin
20218Volksbank eG, Gera
Galerie Evelyn Drewes, Hamburg
Octagon of the Dresden University of Fine Arts
Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig
Galerie Rothamel, Erfurt
LAZ Gallery, Zurich
2017Kunztraum, Dresden
Galerie Leuenroth, Frankfurt on the Main
Tapetenwerk, Leipzig
Galerie Ursula Walter, Dresden
Sulzfeld Art Association
Barlachhalle, Hamburg
objekt klein a, Dresden
2016Galerie Pilsen and Cheb Museum (Czech Republic)
Galerie Hoffschild, Lübeck
Galerie ff15, Leipzig
Galerie Leuenroth, Frankfurt am Main
2014Galerie Poll, Berlin
Art Asociation “Freunde Aktueller Kunst”, Zwickau
HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts, Dresden
Dresden University of Fine Arts
DOX – Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague
Art in Perpetuity Trust – A.P.T. Gallery, London
Delikatessenhaus Leipzig
galerie baer, Dresden
2013Kunstraum GEH8, Dresden
galerie baer, Dresden
Galerie Irrgang, Leipzig and Berlin
2012Galerie Poll, Berlin
F14 – Offspace for Contemporary Art, Dresden
galerie baer, Dresden
2011“Kellerausstellung” of the group ZWANZIGZEHN, Dresden
Galerie Irrgang, Berlin and Leipzig
Galerie ZanderKasten, Dresden
2010Galerie Irrgang, Leipzig