Prolog 9

Prolog 9

30th November until 2nd December 2012

Exhibition & Reading to Prolog 9 in the rooms of Kunststiftung Poll


Opening: 30th November 2012, 7-11 pm

7.30 pm Patrick WEH Weiland: The 3rd Singing (the Blue Flower) from the poem „I’m hungry I love you“ (soundbased Performance/ audiovisual poem)

8 pm Reading by the authors HEL Toussaint, Caca Savic, Mikael Vogel, Erwin Schumpeter, Stephan Groß, Kai Pohl, André Jahn and the Unspoken-Word-Project ANGSTRAUM OTTOPARK (Helko Reschitzki and Daniel Ludwig)

9 pm Todosch Schopsnies with „Bad Songs“

Exhibition: 1st and 2nd December 2012, 2-7 pm

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