Born in Minden / Westphalia geboren; early life in Minden


Landschulheim (School Camp) am Solling / Lower Saxony

since 1967

Move to West-Berlin; apprenticeship as photographer followed by working as an assistant; voluntary service at the dpa; working as an assistant in the studio of McBride, Munich; journeys to England, Scandinavia, France, Switzerland, Italy and Japan

since 1973

first freelance-jobs, mostly large series for example: Gasometer Schöneberg, 1981; New Gothic in Berlin, 1982-84; Berlin-Wedding, 1983-84; Reconstruction of the Martin-Gropius-Building, 1981-86; Märkische brickyards and bricks

since 1990

Numberous grants and awards; appointed member of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie


Lives and works in Berlin.