Heike Negenborn, Net-Scape 8, 2019
Heike Negenborn – TERRA COGNITA
Exhibition in the Stadtmuseum Siegburg


29th March to 17th May 2020
Postponed until further notice

Heike Negenborn is dedicated to the living space between natural and cultural landscape that surrounds us. In doing so, she does not naively refer to the aesthetics of nature, but takes advantage of the achievements of the Old Masters and the Renaissance and develops them further, proceeds in a highly rational and systematic manner in recording and measuring the landscape and the following construction of her paintings. She broach the issue of the importance of construction in art using the analog means of drawing, graphic reproduction and painting and their digital revision. (Extract from press release)

Stadtbetriebe Siegburg AöR
Fachbereich Stadtmuseum
Markt 46
53721 Siegburg

More information can be found here.

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