Eva Poll

Eva Poll was born and grew up in Aachen in 1938, where she completed her primary school teacher schooling after graduating from the pedagogic college of Aachen. From 1959 to 1963 she worked at a primary school for boys nearby Stolberg. In 1963, she married Lothar C. Poll and they moved to Berlin, where she taught at a primary school in Berlin-Neukölln, until 1966 when her daughter Nana was born.

In 1968, she and her husband founded gallery Poll, emanating from the friendship with the founders of Großgörschen 35, which was the first artists’ cooperative gallery.

From 1976 to 1982, she was chairman of the syndicate of art dealers in Berlin (IBK), which was precursor of the present-day national association of Berlin galleries (LVBG). She has been honorary president of the LVBG since 2008. The IBK hosted the first art fairs for contemporary art in Cologne and Berlin in the late 1960s.

She worked for the Art Advisory Committee in Berlin for some years and initiated the Otto-Nagel-award, including an exhibition and a scholarship. Amongst other things, she works for the board of the Daniel-Chodowiecki-award, donated by Günter Grass. The Art Foundation Poll, founded in 1986, is also one of her main objectives. Finally, she worked as a curator at countless art fairs in museums all over Germany and Europe, as well as many Goethe-institutes all over the world.

In 1993, she was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit, by the former Berlin senator of culture Ulrich Roloff-Momin, honoring her as a “companion of the realistic art of painting”.