Born 17 May in Berlin as the third child of the artists Mienske Janssen Thieler and Fred Thieler


A-levels at the Brøndby Oberschule, Berlin Stegliz

1983 – 1994

Independent co-partner of the print shop „EinDruck“, Berlin

1984 – 1986

Technical support of the exhibition „Questions on German history“ of the German Parliament in the Reichstag Building, Berlin

since 1991

Photographer and Head of the Department of Photography at the Aloha Foundation in Vermont, USA

since 2005

Specialized in reprophotography of paintings and works of art for museums and galleries

since 2009

Project – KINO – travels through Germany, UK, Portugal, Ireland, Norway, Czech Republic, France and the USA


Linhof Large image traineeship, Munich

2009 – 2010

Photo Class with Mathias Richter and Oliver Scholten, Imago Gallery, Berlin


lives and works in Berlin