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remember – dream – draw
Danja Akulin, Peer Boehm, Ralf Kerbach, ORLANDO
Drawings and etchings

14th June to 3rd August 2019

Danja Akulin, Untitled, 2018, pencil/ graphite
on paper on canvas, 135 x 200 cm

Peer Boehm, There’s no place like home, 2019,
ballpoint pen on paper on wood, 30 x 40 cm

Ralf Kerbach, Worker/ figure, 2018, graphite
on paper, 42 x 29,7 cm (Photo: Lion Hoffmann)

ORLANDO, Chording (fragment II), since 2010,
etching, 90 x 175 cm


Jenö Gindl
New Works

26th April to 8th June 2019

Black and White #67 (from the series „Americans“),
2018, kallitype print on Japanese paper on stretcher,
120 x 90 cm



Entrance Galerie Poll, Gipsstraße 3 (Photo: Richard Thieler)

Portrait Eva Poll (Photo: Jan Schüler)