Norbert Wagenbrett, At the stairs (An der Treppe), 2006

Norbert Wagenbrett
Exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig

25th March to 7th June 2020
Postponed until further notice

The Leipzig painter Norbert Wagenbrett (* 1954) has devoted himself to the image of man for 37 years. The roots of his hyper-realistic painting lie in the veristic search for truth of the New Objectivity. The retrospective combines almost 50 portraits from all creative phases and is also the first institutional exhibition in his hometown.

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Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig
Katharinenstraße 10
04109 Leipzig

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Heike Negenborn, Net-Scape 8, 2019
Heike Negenborn – TERRA COGNITA
Exhibition in the Stadtmuseum Siegburg


29th March to 17th May 2020
Postponed until further notice

Heike Negenborn is dedicated to the living space between natural and cultural landscape that surrounds us. In doing so, she does not naively refer to the aesthetics of nature, but takes advantage of the achievements of the Old Masters and the Renaissance and develops them further, proceeds in a highly rational and systematic manner in recording and measuring the landscape and the following construction of her paintings. She broach the issue of the importance of construction in art using the analog means of drawing, graphic reproduction and painting and their digital revision. (Extract from press release)

Stadtbetriebe Siegburg AöR
Fachbereich Stadtmuseum
Markt 46
53721 Siegburg

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Bettina von Arnim, Shaft (Schacht), 1972
Bettina von Arnim – The Cyborgs and their Traces. 1960 to 2020
Exhibition in the Art Association Lingen


28th March to 17th May 2020
Postponed until further notice

The exhibition „The Cyborgs and their Traces“ includes pictures in oil on canvas and etchings from the years 1960 to 2020. In many of her works, Bettina von Arnim reflects the topic „Man / Machine“ in an imaginative way. Against the background of the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961, the landing on the moon and the arms race in the Cold War, the pictures reflect the subject of being locked in metal and indicate that the technical shell has replaced man. They tell of the destruction of nature, animals and plants by the technocrats. (Extract from press release)

Kunsthalle Lingen
Kaiserstraße 10a
49809 Lingen

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Eric Keller, Small interior (Kleines Interieur), 2017
In the housing – Studio representations of Leipzig artists
Exhibition in the Art Exhibition Hall of the Sparkasse Leipzig


31st January to 17th May 2020
Closed until further notice

Works by:
Franziska Bandur, Oskar Behringer, Harry Blume, Roland Borchers, Sven Braun, Gudrun Brüne, Andreas Deckardt, Kurt Dornis, Hartwig Ebersbach, Günter Firit, Petra Flemming, Lutz Friedel, Fritz Fröhlich, Albrecht Gehse, Tino Geiss, Sighard Gille, Ulrich Hachulla, Frieder Heinze, Bernhard Heisig, Johannes Heisig, Aris Kalaizis, Eric Keller, Stephan Kopiczinski, Katrin Kunert, Mandy Kunze, Walter Libuda, Eberhard Löbel, Wolfgang Mattheuer, Heinrich Mauersberger, Hans Mayer-Foreyt, Karl Miersch, Heinz Müller, Gerhart Opitz, Gudrun Pontius, Gert Pötzschig, Neo Rauch, Arno Rink, Johannes Rochhausen, Gil Schlesinger, Günter Albert Schulz, Volker Stelzmann, Heinz Wagner, Inge Wunderlich, Doris Ziegler und Thomas Ziegler.

Art Exhibition Hall of the Sparkasse Leipzig
Otto-Schill-Straße 4A
04109 Leipzig

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